We understand hard IT and we provide it with a human touch. We have formed the perfect strategies, designed the information architecture, created smart interfaces for huge systems. We have deployed those systems as well. We turn complicated into comprehensive. ERP [and alike] class systems have always been very complex. We know how to effectively expose key features, preserving full functionality. We make the process management a seamless experience.

we can offer you

  • Bussines Inteligence
  • ERP
  • B2B application
  • Transaction systems
  • Logistic systems

We have been developing advanced IT solutions for commercial banks for many years now. Cooperation with uselab has opened our eyes to the meaning of User Experience in our products. Today the quality of user interface in products we develop is a significant advantage. It makes our offer stand out form the crowd.

  • Sławomir Ziajka
  • Vice Director of the Commercial Banks Division
  • Director of the Product Development Department
  • Asseco Poland S.A.

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