We have worked with most large banks in Poland and several of the biggest in the world. In this highly regulated and safety oriented environment we have created true innovation. We know how it works and what it takes. The Experience we create in a truly omnichannel environment, both digital and offline, makes business better. We know how to design entire ecosystems from scratch and how to improve existing solutions.

Banking case studies

we can offer you

  • Customer banking experience
  • Business banking experience
  • CRM, UFE systems
  • Mobile Experience Banking
  • Omnichannel solutions/experience
  • CX/Experience Analitics
  • Innovation Sprint
  • Service Design

High quality performance and timely delivery.
uselab is a reliable partner for analysis of Human Experience using complex IT solutions. We are High class professionals in user oriented methodology.

  • Kess Huige
  • Project Director, Deparment of Vrtual and Digital Products
  • “Operations excellence”
  • BGŻ S.A.

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