The corporate banking with a great Experience - an ecosystem like none before.

GOAL: redefine User Experience for corporate ebanking.

ING identified that most corporate banking platforms are far less user friendly than individual ones. Our client decided to raise the standard for the entire industry. We have done hundreds of hours of research and workshops to develop new strategy for corporate clients.The whole ecosystem was designed to move the entire experience to a new level. Applications for several devices including smartwatches are now in use, while transaction services are still in their implementation phase. The development of core platforms was performed with UX supervision.

Nominated for Finovate Europe 2016, Golden Bell Mobility Award and Mobile Trends Award

client background

ING have always taken exceptional care to meet the high standards expected from corporate clients. As individual banking has always been more developed in the usability area, ING decided to bring corporate banking to the same level. At first it was mostly about evaluating performance and receiving recommendations about GUI redesign.
The ING corporate online banking system, when originally developed, was the first one in Poland. As our cooperation progressed we found out that ING had the immense opportunity to improve their customer experience and increase sales to their corporate clients. This opportunity came from the shift in the entire philosophy of the offer - ING decided to move from a product oriented structure, to a process oriented flow.
This opened the door to entirely new possibilities. A new, scalable, intuitive and client oriented platform became a real possibility.

about the cooperation:

As ING had already displayed a great understanding of market expectations, it led to the designing of the most modern and forward-thinking corporate banking platform. uselab performed extensive studies which identified key functionalities, barriers and growth opportunities. Through many interviews and workshops we got to know the users, and create their profi - les – personas with certain missions. After identifying the status quo and recommending a path of progress, uselab brought their expert knowledge and strategic understanding to design solutions that would fulfil all expected goals. We started with defining a strategy and creating the guidelines for the entire future development.
This process included

  • Ecosystem Guidelines
  • Ebanking transaction system
  • Mobile app
  • Smartwatch app

uselab is constantly present in the quality assurance process assisting the con- tractor with implementation of designed solutions, closing gaps and showing constant validation of the process. Close cooperation and a high level of trust between both parties has very much aided the process.

The immediate proximity of each companys’ offices has played its part as well, as daily face to face checkups on the project are performed. Both ING and uselab have dedicated huge amounts of time to prepare and internalize the change that was coming.
More than 500 hours of workshops with ING team members of all levels have introduced new products, and new opportunities.


All delivered products have been met with an exceptional reception among customers and have set new global standards in corporate ebanking. In reviews of the delivered applications terms like “way ahead of any other corporate platform” are common. Appli- cations for smartphones have raised immediate enthusiasm among clients, and within days of the launch it had recorded the performance of a million transactions. This ecosystem has already absorbed additional platforms. Both parts and the concept of the entire ecosystem have raised significant interest in both Fintech and UX industries, as they have been highlighted at such events as UX Cambridge or UX Poland.

"The key accomplishment of this project was to bring into existence an entirely new approach to corporate banking. ING proves that having such an account can meet the highest usability standards. uselab designed the platform with the flexibility to adapt to different users within the organization - from operational managers to top level executi- ves, offering each of them key features to manage dashboards at the push of a button."
Bartosz Dobrowolski, Customer Success Director, uselab

The relation between ING and uselab is also a great example of the huge potential of cooperation between farsighted clients and skilled consultants.

The vast amount of time spent on explaining the change inside ING, and supervising the contractor made the transition painless. We also made sure strategic guidelines were applied for the core system and expansions.

We knew we needed a partner who will be daring and very knowledgeable, to carry out the project we had planned. We found that at uselab. Over the years we have developed several great products and our coopera- tion continues to be very promising. It’s essential they take a very active role and strongly support the change process management.

  • Adam Walendziewski
  • Deputy Director of Direct Distribution Channels
  • ING Bank

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