Innovative platform of mobile payments for the largest bank in Poland

GOAL: improving the IKO application and increasing its scope of usage.

When PKO lauched the IKO mobile payment system they made sure clients knew about it and had lots of opportunities to use it, but the return on this was not what was expected. uselab was chosen to explore utilization scenarios and recognize areas with the highest potential for improvement. With our help IKO turned into a far more effective and comprehensive tool. Development of the platform continues in accordance with uselab’s recommended solutions.

The versions developed from this are receiving international recognition. Getin Bank Team was implementing changes after every session, therefore we had instant verification of the improvement process. We managed to review subsequent iterations day after day, providing relevant recommendations and observing great progress day after day. The respondents proved that proposed changes simplify the process and result in faster accomplishment of tasks (eg. Money transfers).

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client background

Up until 2014 Poland was a market with interchange fees as high as 1,6%. Under those circumstances both the banks and the largest retailers were trying to bypass card companies and implement their own mobile transaction systems. PKO created its very own IKO system originally as a payment tool but there was potential for much more and PKO decided to make the most of it. The polish financial market is quite specific.

With a relatively high share of cash transactions while at the same time there are a great number of early adapters who absorb novelties, test devices and services, and rather frequently change banks. Getting full recognition from this group of customers is always a challenge (even for the biggest bank in Poland), but usually takes the shape of a large scale recommendation based promotion. PKO wanted to deliver an outstanding product that would be shared and recommended by enthusiastic users.

about the cooperation:

uselab delivered a broad spectrum research of the major functionalities of IKO, performing user involved tests at all touch points. All mobile transactions were performed and supported on all operating systems.

"We took the respondents to the ATM, set up a fake store in our lab, performed all activities related to setting the service up, security issues and other actions performed via the web page. The research we performed was registered with mobile eyetracking devices and user performance was analyzed on this level as well."
Agnieszka Winczakiewicz, Experience Researcher, uselab

The team dedicated to the project worked in close cooperation with the client – all recommendations and conclusions were delivered as a report and a detailed presentation. Troublesome areas were explained and illustrated with examples of renowned best practices.


The significant improvement in client feedback and use frequency were obvious and quickly realised after including the recommended changes. Later development of the entire IKO and BLIK products proved that the clients strategic decisions founded on our research to be right. Cooperating with the largest Polish bank was nothing out of the ordinary for uselab, but the involvement of public stakeholders influencing the procedure was.

The lessons learned from this cooperation layed a good foundation for future cooperation with public entities. At the same time the approach recommended to the client became a starting point for a development service that at a later stage was recognized as the world’s Best Innovation in Payments at the EFMA Distribution & Marketing Innovation in Retail Financial Services contest.

uselab showed lots of involvement and a good understanding of their craft. Thanks to that, recommendations we received from live testing of key funcionalities were useful and actionable. The IKO study itself verified our assumptions and helped us to make the product better.
We do recommend uselab.

  • Joanna Pobierajło
  • Team leader
  • Marketing Deapartament
  • PKO Bank Polski

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