Universal innovative platform with omnichannel experience

GOAL: creation of scalable, easily adaptable omnichannel ecosystem

Experts agree. The User Age of banking is around the corner. Customer Experience has become increasingly important, and the right answer to customers’ expectations is delivered with Omnichannel platforms. Asseco was using the DEF 3000 universal transaction system.

DEF 3000 was one of leading platforms in the market, but Asseco decided to move their offer onto an entirely new level. To create an ecosystem that will respond to future challenges, include new approaches, and support all channels in the same User oriented way. This is where cooperation with uselab has began.

nominated for Finovate Europe 2016

client background

Oracle reported that 94% of large banks' CEOs agree, that User Experience will give a crucial competitive edge for the banking industry. Asseco decided to spearhead this change. DEF 3000 was an expandable platform, supported devices important to the users and could be adapted to a variety of needs. But with the overall industry shift towards user centered solutions, Asseco developed a new approach – they opted for banking that puts the user at the center of everything.

The early work on the Asseco Customer Banking Platform included all the right elements for making the most of the platform potential which was crucial. A comprehensive structure and intuitive graphic interface were key conditions for achieving it. Involving the highest class Usability and Human Experience experts in the process was an obvious necessity.

about the cooperation:

uselab was involved in this cooperation at first to develop an intuitive and understandable user interface. As the project developed we expanded the cooperation by auditing the architecture and processes of the platform.

"Our findings and recommendations were essential for shaping Experience Strategy. With recommendations from this audit Asseco improved the platform with key aspects, preparing the test compliant version. uselab performed tests on a broad spectrum of devices and systems with users of different ages and different electronic proficiency."
Szymon Staniszkis, Research & Strategy Director, uselab

Research proved that the system developed by Asseco doesn’t require high tech savviness from the users, but at the same time offers all functionalities to those demanding the most. Now the completed GUI and research has confirmed the highest usability standards, the CBP is now in production with constant careful Quality Assurance and process reviews by uselab experts.

The Consumer Banking Platform is shaped to perfectly complement Universal Front End and together create a universal Omnichannel ecosystem that will meet the expectations of Banking institutions from all over the world.


Asseco's Omnichannel Banking Solution is applicable for every market. Forrester recognized the new platform as a promising innovation and included it in its Omnichannel Banking Solutions report. The Asseco CBP has been presented to the heads of Polish banks at the Asseco Banking Forum 2015 and invited to Finovate Europe 2016.

Designing a tool that is as versatile and adaptive as the Customer Banking Platform creates a lot of challenges and opportunities. Asseco had most of the progressive plans and made them happen. CBP is half of the Omnichannel Banking Solution. Together with Universal Front End launched into development a few months after, CBP creates a breakthrough innovation on the market of banking ecosystems.

It’s important that with the aging of digital banking users, and the diversification of platforms and systems, the Customer Banking Platform creates a very convenient and satisfying Customer Experience for users of all age groups and on all platforms.

We develop advanced IT solutions for commercial banks for many years now. Cooperation with uselab opened our eyes to the meaning of User Experience in our products. Today the quality of user interface in products we develop is a significant advantage.
It makes our offer stand out form the crowd.

  • Sławomir Ziajka
  • Vice Director of the Commercial Banks Division
  • Director of the Product Development Department
  • Asseco Poland S.A.

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